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Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit - NFC / RFID reader

Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit - NFC / RFID reader
Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit - NFC / RFID reader
Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit, NFC / RFID reader, USB, 125 KHz / 134.2 KHz / 13.65 MHz, for Color C60, C70; Phaser 6510; VersaLink B400, B405, B600, B605, B610, B615; WorkCentre 6515
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Description - Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit - NFC / RFID reader
  • All-in-One Reader / Writer: 125kHz + 13.56MHz + NFC
  • Must-have tool for every salesman / analyst
  • Increase technical competency at customer visit
  • No need to send the customer card offsite
  • More than 40 different card technologies simultaneously
Elatec's TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit is a RFID card analyzer and development kit which has the ability to immediately identify an unknown transponder at the customer site.

Technical data - Elatec TWN4 Tech Tracer Kit - NFC / RFID reader


Device Type NFC / RFID reader - contactless
Interface Type USB
Frequency 125 KHz / 134.2 KHz / 13.65 MHz


Included Accessories 2 MIFARE Classic Card (13.56MHz), 2 MIFARE DESFireCard (13.56MHz), 2 MIFARE Paper Label (13.56MHz), 2 HITAG-S Card(125kHz), 2 HID iCLASS2k Card (13.56MHz), 2 HID ProxCard(125kHz), 2 EM4200 KeyFob(125kHz), bracket holder kit, snap-in holder

Software / System Requirements

Software Included Drivers & Utilities

Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)

Shipping Weight 0.6 kg

Environmental Parameters

Min Operating Temperature -25 °C
Max Operating Temperature 80 °C
Humidity Range Operating 5 - 95% (non-condensing)

Compatibility Information

Designed For Xerox D110, D125
Xerox Color C60PROV/U, C60PROV/Y, C70PROV/U, C70PROV/Y
Xerox ColorQube 8900, 8900_SC, 8900X, 9300V_F, 9301, 9301/9302/9303, 9302, 9302/PM3XF, 9303, 9303/PM3, 9303_U, 9303V_AF
Xerox Phaser 3330V_DNM, 6510V/DNIS, 6510V/DNS, 6510V/NS
Xerox VersaLink B400/DNM, B400/YDN, B400DN, B400N, B400V/DN, B400V/DNM, B400V_N, B405V/ZM, B600/DN, B600/DNM, B600/DT, B600/DX, B600/DXF, B600/DXP, B600V_DN, B600V_DNM, B605V/SM, B605V/ZM, B605V_S, B605V_X, B605V_XL, B605V_XLM, B605V_XM, B610/DN, B610/DNM, B610/DT, B610/DX, B610/DXF, B610/DXP, B610V_DN, B610V_DNM, B615V_X, B615V_XL, B615V_XLM, B615V_XM, C400/DNM, C400DN, C400N, C400V/DN, C400V/DNM, C7020/C7025/C7030
Xerox WorkCentre 3315/DN, 3315V_DN, 3315V_DNC, 3315V_DNM, 3325/DN, 3325/DNI, 3325V_DNI, 3325V_DNIC, 3325V_DNIY, 3325V_DNM, 3615/DN, 3615/DNM, 3615V_DNM, 3655/S, 3655/SM, 3655/X, 3655/XM, 3655/YXM, 3655IV_S, 3655V_S, 3655V_SM, 3655V_X, 3655V_XM, 4265/S, 4265/SM, 4265/X, 4265/XF, 4265/XFM, 4265/XM, 4265/YSM, 4265V_S, 4265V_SM, 5325, 5325/C, 5325/CH, 5325/PH, 5325/PHXF, 5325V_SW, 5325V_TW, 5330, 5330/C, 5330/P, 5330/PH, 5330/PHXF, 5330V_F, 5330V_SW, 5330V_TW, 5335, 5335/C, 5335/P, 5335/PH, 5335V_SW, 5335V_TW, 5865, 5865/5875/5890, 5875, 5890V_F, 5945, 5945/5955 base, 5945V_F, 5945V_K, 5955, 5955V_F, 5955V_K, 6515V/DNIS, 6515V/DNS, 6515V/NS, 6605/DNM, 6605DN, 6605N, 6605V_DNC, 6655, 6655/X, 6655/XM, 6655/YXM, 6655i, 6655I/YXM, 6655IV_X, 6655V_X, 7220/7225 Base, 7220/PTXF2, 7220/PXF2I, 7220V_S, 7220V_T, 7225, 7225V_S, 7225V_T, 7830, 7830/35, 7835, 7845, 7845/55, 7855, 7970, 7970V_F


  • Color C60PROV/U, Color C60PROV/Y, Color C70PROV/U, Color C70PROV/Y, ColorQube 8900, ColorQube 8900_SC, ColorQube 8900X, ColorQube 9300V_F, ColorQube 9301, ColorQube 9301/9302/9303, ColorQube 9302, ColorQube 9302/PM3XF, ColorQube 9303, ColorQube 9303/PM3, ColorQube 9303_U, ColorQube 9303V_AF, D110, D125, Phaser 3330V_DNM, Phaser 6510V/DNIS, Phaser 6510V/DNS, Phaser 6510V/NS, VersaLink B400/DNM, VersaLink B400/YDN, VersaLink B400DN, VersaLink B400N, VersaLink B400V/DN, VersaLink B400V/DNM, VersaLink B400V_N, VersaLink B405V/ZM, VersaLink B600/DN, VersaLink B600/DNM, VersaLink B600/DT, VersaLink B600/DX, VersaLink B600/DXF, VersaLink B600/DXP, VersaLink B600V_DN, VersaLink B600V_DNM, VersaLink B605V/SM, VersaLink B605V/ZM, VersaLink B605V_S, VersaLink B605V_X, VersaLink B605V_XL, VersaLink B605V_XLM, VersaLink B605V_XM, VersaLink B610/DN, VersaLink B610/DNM, VersaLink B610/DT, VersaLink B610/DX, VersaLink B610/DXF, VersaLink B610/DXP, VersaLink B610V_DN, VersaLink B610V_DNM, VersaLink B615V_X, VersaLink B615V_XL, VersaLink B615V_XLM, VersaLink B615V_XM, VersaLink C400/DNM, VersaLink C400DN, VersaLink C400N, VersaLink C400V/DN, VersaLink C400V/DNM, VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030, WorkCentre 3315/DN, WorkCentre 3315V_DN, WorkCentre 3315V_DNC, WorkCentre 3315V_DNM, WorkCentre 3325/DN, WorkCentre 3325/DNI, WorkCentre 3325V_DNI, WorkCentre 3325V_DNIC, WorkCentre 3325V_DNIY, WorkCentre 3325V_DNM, WorkCentre 3615/DN, WorkCentre 3615/DNM, WorkCentre 3615V_DNM, WorkCentre 3655/S, WorkCentre 3655/SM, WorkCentre 3655/X, WorkCentre 3655/XM, WorkCentre 3655/YXM, WorkCentre 3655IV_S, WorkCentre 3655V_S, WorkCentre 3655V_SM, WorkCentre 3655V_X, WorkCentre 3655V_XM, WorkCentre 4265/S, WorkCentre 4265/SM, WorkCentre 4265/X, WorkCentre 4265/XF, WorkCentre 4265/XFM, WorkCentre 4265/XM, WorkCentre 4265/YSM, WorkCentre 4265V_S, WorkCentre 4265V_SM, WorkCentre 5325, WorkCentre 5325/C, WorkCentre 5325/CH, WorkCentre 5325/PH, WorkCentre 5325/PHXF, WorkCentre 5325V_SW, WorkCentre 5325V_TW, WorkCentre 5330, WorkCentre 5330/C, WorkCentre 5330/P, WorkCentre 5330/PH, WorkCentre 5330/PHXF, WorkCentre 5330V_F, WorkCentre 5330V_SW, WorkCentre 5330V_TW, WorkCentre 5335, WorkCentre 5335/C, WorkCentre 5335/P, WorkCentre 5335/PH, WorkCentre 5335V_SW, WorkCentre 5335V_TW, WorkCentre 5865, WorkCentre 5865/5875/5890, WorkCentre 5875, WorkCentre 5890V_F, WorkCentre 5945, WorkCentre 5945/5955 base, WorkCentre 5945V_F, WorkCentre 5945V_K, WorkCentre 5955, WorkCentre 5955V_F, WorkCentre 5955V_K, WorkCentre 6515V/DNIS, WorkCentre 6515V/DNS, WorkCentre 6515V/NS, WorkCentre 6605/DNM, WorkCentre 6605DN, WorkCentre 6605N, WorkCentre 6605V_DNC, WorkCentre 6655, WorkCentre 6655/X, WorkCentre 6655/XM, WorkCentre 6655/YXM, WorkCentre 6655i, WorkCentre 6655I/YXM, WorkCentre 6655IV_X, WorkCentre 6655V_X, WorkCentre 7220/7225 Base, WorkCentre 7220/PTXF2, WorkCentre 7220/PXF2I, WorkCentre 7220V_S, WorkCentre 7220V_T, WorkCentre 7225, WorkCentre 7225V_S, WorkCentre 7225V_T, WorkCentre 7830, WorkCentre 7830/35, WorkCentre 7835, WorkCentre 7845, WorkCentre 7845/55, WorkCentre 7855, WorkCentre 7970, WorkCentre 7970V_F
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