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Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R - SMART card reader

Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R - SMART card reader
Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R - SMART card reader
Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R, SMART card reader, USB, black, for Celsius H7510, J5010, J580, W5010, W580; ESPRIMO D538/E94, D7011, D9011, G9010, P558, Q958
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Description - Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R - SMART card reader
  • Driver support for all major PC operating systems
  • Supports all major smart cards, that correspond to ISO/IEC 7816
  • As well as synchronous memory cards like CAC and PKI cards
The SCR CLOUD 2700 R is the ideal PC-linked USB contact smart card reader for a huge variety of applications. Typical usage environments may include corporate or authorities where applications like network log-in, Windows authentication and single-sign-on are implemented. A perfect mix between modern stylish design and ergonomic handling, the device works seamlessly with virtually all contact smart cards and operating systems.

Technical data - Fujitsu SCR Cloud 2700 R - SMART card reader


Device Type SMART card reader - contact
Interface Type USB
Colour Black

Expansion / Connectivity

Connections 1 x USB - 4 pin USB Type A


Cables Included 1 x USB cable - integrated
Compliant Standards ISO 7816, PC/SC

Compatibility Information

Designed For Fujitsu Celsius C620, H7510, J5010, J550, J580, M470-2 PREMIUM selection, M720, M720 POWER, M720 PREMIUM selection, M720 proGREEN selection, M730, M730 POWER, M740, R570-2 PREMIUM selection, R920, R920 POWER, R920 PREMIUM selection, R930, R930 POWER, R940, R940 POWER, W410 PREMIUM selection, W420, W420 proGREEN selection, W5010, W510 PREMIUM selection, W520, W520 POWER, W520 POWER-L, W520 proGREEN selection, W530, W530 POWER, W550, W550 POWER, W570, W570power, W570power+, W580, W580power, W580power+
Fujitsu CELSIUS Mobile H720
Fujitsu ESPRIMO C710, C720, C910-L, D538/E94+, D556/2/E85+, D556/2/E90+, D556/E85+, D556/E90+, D556/PX, D7011, D738/E94+, D757/E85+, D757/E90+, D757/E94+, D9011, D956/M (International Energy Star Program), D957/E85+, D957/E90+, D957/E94+, D958/E85+, D958/E94+, E400 E85+, E410 E85+, E420 E85+, E510 E85+, E520 E85+, E705 E85+, E710 E85+, E710 E90+, E720 E85+, E720 E90+, E910 0-Watt, E910 E85+, E910 E90+, E920 0-Watt, E920 E85+, E920 E90+, G9010, P400, P400 E85+, P410 E85+, P420 E85+, P510 E85+, P520 E85+, P556 E85+, P556 E90+, P556/2/E85+, P558, P705 E85+, P710 E85+, P710 E90+, P710 PREMIUM, P720 E85+, P720 E90+, P756 E85+, P756 E90+, P756 E94+, P910 0-Watt, P910 E85+, P910 E90+, P910-L, P920 0-Watt, P920 E85+, P920 E90+, P956 E90+, P956/E94+, P957/power, PH300, PH300 E85+, PH310 E85+, Q510, Q520, Q520/K, Q910, Q910 PREMIUM, Q920, Q956/MRE, Q958/MRE, X913, X913-T, X923-T, X956/T
Fujitsu FUTRO X913, X913-T
Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E733, E743, E751 proGREEN, E752, E752 Office Selection, E753, E782, E782 Channel, E782 Performance Selection, E782 proGREEN, LH532, P701 security selection, P702, P702 Security Selection, P772, P772 SC, S751 proGREEN, S752, S752 Office Selection, S761 Security selection, S762, S782, S782 Channel, S782 Performance Selection, S782 proGREEN, S792, S792 Performance Selection, S792 Security Selection, T731, T731 Security selection, T901 Security selection


  • Celsius C620, CELSIUS H7510, Celsius J5010, Celsius J550, Celsius J580, Celsius M470-2, Celsius M470-2 PREMIUM selection, Celsius M720, Celsius M720 POWER, Celsius M720 PREMIUM selection, Celsius M720 proGREEN selection, Celsius M730, Celsius M730 POWER, Celsius M740, CELSIUS Mobile H720, Celsius R570-2, Celsius R570-2 PREMIUM selection, Celsius R670-2, Celsius R920, Celsius R920 POWER, Celsius R920 PREMIUM selection, Celsius R930, Celsius R930 POWER, Celsius R940, Celsius R940 POWER, Celsius W280, Celsius W280 proGREEN selection, Celsius W410, Celsius W410 PREMIUM selection, Celsius W410 proGREEN selection, Celsius W420, Celsius W420 proGREEN selection, Celsius W480, Celsius W480 proGREEN selection, Celsius W5010, Celsius W510, Celsius W510 PREMIUM selection, Celsius W510 proGREEN selection, Celsius W520, Celsius W520 POWER, Celsius W520 POWER-L, Celsius W520 proGREEN selection, Celsius W530, Celsius W530 POWER, Celsius W550, Celsius W550 POWER, Celsius W570, Celsius W570power, Celsius W570power+, Celsius W580, Celsius W580power, Celsius W580power+, ESPRIMO C5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO C700, ESPRIMO C710, ESPRIMO C720, ESPRIMO C910-L, ESPRIMO D538/E94+, ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+, ESPRIMO D556/2/E90+, ESPRIMO D556/E85+, ESPRIMO D556/E90+, ESPRIMO D556/PX, ESPRIMO D7011, ESPRIMO D738/E94+, ESPRIMO D757/E85+, ESPRIMO D757/E90+, ESPRIMO D757/E94+, ESPRIMO D9011, ESPRIMO D956/M (International Energy Star Program), ESPRIMO D957/E85+, ESPRIMO D957/E90+, ESPRIMO D957/E94+, ESPRIMO D958/E85+, ESPRIMO D958/E94+, ESPRIMO E3521, ESPRIMO E3521 E85+, ESPRIMO E3521 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E3721 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E400 E85+, ESPRIMO E410 E85+, ESPRIMO E420 E85+, ESPRIMO E500 E85+, ESPRIMO E510 E85+, ESPRIMO E520 E85+, ESPRIMO E5645, ESPRIMO E5645 E85+, ESPRIMO E5645 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E5731 E85+, ESPRIMO E5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E700 E85+, ESPRIMO E700 E90+, ESPRIMO E705 E85+, ESPRIMO E710 E85+, ESPRIMO E710 E90+, ESPRIMO E720 E85+, ESPRIMO E720 E90+, ESPRIMO E7936, ESPRIMO E7936 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E7936 E85+, ESPRIMO E7936 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO E900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E900 E85+, ESPRIMO E900 E90+, ESPRIMO E910 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E910 E85+, ESPRIMO E910 E90+, ESPRIMO E920 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E920 E85+, ESPRIMO E920 E90+, ESPRIMO E9900, ESPRIMO E9900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO E9900 E85+, ESPRIMO E9900 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO G9010, ESPRIMO Mobile D9510, ESPRIMO Mobile M9410, ESPRIMO Mobile M9415, ESPRIMO Mobile U9210, ESPRIMO Mobile U9215, ESPRIMO Mobile V5505, ESPRIMO Mobile V5515, ESPRIMO Mobile V5545, ESPRIMO Mobile V6505, ESPRIMO Mobile V6535, ESPRIMO Mobile V6545, ESPRIMO Mobile X9510, ESPRIMO Mobile X9515, ESPRIMO Mobile X9515 proGREEN, ESPRIMO Mobile X9525, ESPRIMO P2560, ESPRIMO P3521, ESPRIMO P3521 E85+, ESPRIMO P3521 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P3721 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P400, ESPRIMO P400 E85+, ESPRIMO P410 E85+, ESPRIMO P420 E85+, ESPRIMO P500 E85+, ESPRIMO P510 E85+, ESPRIMO P520 E85+, ESPRIMO P556 E85+, ESPRIMO P556 E90+, ESPRIMO P556/2/E85+, ESPRIMO P558, ESPRIMO P5645, ESPRIMO P5645 E85+, ESPRIMO P5645 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P5731, ESPRIMO P5731 E85+, ESPRIMO P5731 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P700 E85+, ESPRIMO P700 E90+, ESPRIMO P705 E85+, ESPRIMO P710 E85+, ESPRIMO P710 E90+, ESPRIMO P710 PREMIUM, ESPRIMO P720 E85+, ESPRIMO P720 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E85+, ESPRIMO P756 E90+, ESPRIMO P756 E94+, ESPRIMO P7936, ESPRIMO P7936 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P7936 E85+, ESPRIMO P7936 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO P900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P900 E85+, ESPRIMO P900 E90+, ESPRIMO P910 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P910 E85+, ESPRIMO P910 E90+, ESPRIMO P910-L, ESPRIMO P920 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P920 E85+, ESPRIMO P920 E90+, ESPRIMO P956 E90+, ESPRIMO P956/E94+, ESPRIMO P957/power, ESPRIMO P9900, ESPRIMO P9900 0-Watt, ESPRIMO P9900 E85+, ESPRIMO P9900 E-Star 5.0, ESPRIMO PH300, ESPRIMO PH300 E85+, ESPRIMO PH310 E85+, ESPRIMO Q1510, ESPRIMO Q510, ESPRIMO Q520, ESPRIMO Q520/K, ESPRIMO Q900, ESPRIMO Q9000, ESPRIMO Q910, ESPRIMO Q910 PREMIUM, ESPRIMO Q920, ESPRIMO Q956/MRE, ESPRIMO Q958/MRE, ESPRIMO X913, ESPRIMO X913-T, ESPRIMO X923-T, ESPRIMO X956/T, FUTRO S100, FUTRO S200, FUTRO S300, FUTRO S450-2, FUTRO S550, FUTRO S550-2, FUTRO S700, FUTRO S900, FUTRO X913, FUTRO X913-T, LIFEBOOK E733, LIFEBOOK E743, LIFEBOOK E751, LIFEBOOK E751 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK E752, LIFEBOOK E752 Office Selection, LIFEBOOK E753, LIFEBOOK E780, LIFEBOOK E780 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK E782, LIFEBOOK E782 Channel, LIFEBOOK E782 Performance Selection, LIFEBOOK E782 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK E8310, LIFEBOOK E8410, LIFEBOOK E8410PE, LIFEBOOK E8420, LIFEBOOK E8420 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK LH531, LIFEBOOK LH532, LIFEBOOK P701, LIFEBOOK P701 security selection, LIFEBOOK P7010, LIFEBOOK P7010A-2, LIFEBOOK P7010A-3, LIFEBOOK P7010B-2, LIFEBOOK P7010B-3, LIFEBOOK P7010D, LIFEBOOK P7010DA-2, LIFEBOOK P7010DB-2, LIFEBOOK P7010DB-3, LIFEBOOK P7010DC-2, LIFEBOOK P7010DC-3, LIFEBOOK P702, LIFEBOOK P702 Security Selection, LIFEBOOK P770, LIFEBOOK P771, LIFEBOOK P772, LIFEBOOK P772 SC, LIFEBOOK P8010, LIFEBOOK P8010 Crimson Red, LIFEBOOK P8020, LIFEBOOK P8110, LIFEBOOK PH530, LIFEBOOK S6410, LIFEBOOK S6420, LIFEBOOK S710, LIFEBOOK S7210, LIFEBOOK S7210 CAM, LIFEBOOK S7210 FP, LIFEBOOK S7220, LIFEBOOK S751, LIFEBOOK S751 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK S752, LIFEBOOK S752 Office Selection, LIFEBOOK S760, LIFEBOOK S761, LIFEBOOK S761 Security selection, LIFEBOOK S762, LIFEBOOK S782, LIFEBOOK S782 Channel, LIFEBOOK S782 Performance Selection, LIFEBOOK S782 proGREEN, LIFEBOOK S792, LIFEBOOK S792 Performance Selection, LIFEBOOK S792 Security Selection, LIFEBOOK T1010, LIFEBOOK T580, LIFEBOOK T730, LIFEBOOK T731, LIFEBOOK T731 Security selection, LIFEBOOK T900, LIFEBOOK T901, LIFEBOOK T901 Security selection, LIFEBOOK TH700, Stylistic Q550
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